Money Services

pawn-loansPawn Loans

Pawn loans are probably the quickest way to borrow money if you’re in a bind. Just bring in any item — large or small — and we will hold it for you for 90 days and loan you the agreed value of the item.

Items like jewelry and firearms hold their market value well and we always try to loan you the most money possible.

If you can’t pay the full amount at the end of 90 days to get your item back, the loan can be renewed as long as you make a payment.

Required: A valid driver’s license or picture I.D.
Note: All pawned items are tested and need to be in working order.

Auto Pawn Loans

Auto title loans are no longer available in Montana. Instead, you may get a pawn loan on your car or truck for a 3-month loan (90 days).

Required: A valid driver’s license and a free and clear title.
Note: You must leave the pawned vehicle with us.

Other Money Services

  • Gift Cards: We pay cash for your unwanted gift cards — 50 cents on the dollar.
  • Layaway: Available when purchasing retail items.